Latest News
    • A CME was organised incolobauration with Vision 2020 ,  on OPeration theatre Management  on 23rd  June , 2013.

    • Mini sceral contact lenses are now included in regular sevices  at Cornea foundation.

    • Intacs for Keratoconus are started.

    • Special treatment for dry patients 


Introduction Modified


Cornea Foundation and I.C.L.R trust was started on 1st November 2004. It was started with the view of treatment , management and service of the patients of cornea  and eye dieses..
It is one of the very advanced centers for cornea grafting surgeries,   lasik and keratorefractive surgeries, cataract and phaco emulsification, with latest intraocular lenses, cosmetic ocular surgeries, stem cell grafting, squint surgeries, treatment of Keratoconus including collagen cross linking intra corneal ring segments, keratoprosthesis, treatment and operations of glaucoma, We have a well  equipped  laboratory facilities  for diagnosis and management corneal and eye infections.  There is a comprehensive facility for treatment of eye diseases under one roof.
Cornea foundation is   spread in four floors. The first floor has operation theatres, autoclave room, special rooms,  eye bank rooms and  library.. The second floor has OPD, laboratory, Refraction room and sitting areas for patients. The third floor has designated operation theatre for cornea grafting surgery, autoclave room, change room, patient’s recovery room, and doctor’s room. Ground floor has other facilities like optical outlet,  meeting room and canteen. etc. It has in-house lift exclusively for the use of the cornea foundation patients. The hospital has OPD area for the facility of sitting 35 patients; refraction rooms and four consulting rooms. The hospital has laboratory facility in house for bacteriology and microbiology of corneal infections and other infections in/around the eye. Bacteriological culture and microscopic examination of cornea is done in the laboratory. There is facility for histopathological examination of cornea and other structures in collaboration with pathological laboratory .Cornea foundation has all modern specific infrastructures for cornea grafting surgeries and management of Keratoconus, phaco emulsification with modern intraocular lens implantation, glaucoma  squint and orthoptics,  prosthetic fittings  and  keratoprosthesis. 
The Eye Bank is located in the first floor area of the hospital having designated telephone, staff and infrastructure facilities. There are two vehicles attached with the eye bank.
There is a contact lens clinic with latest designs trial facilities like kerasoft, Rose k and toric lenses etc.
There is pediatric, orthoptic and low vision clinic with fully qualified and trained staff.
There are two operation theatres fully equipped with general anesthesia, microsurgical equipments and instruments. Both the operation theatres are equipped with the laminar air curtain and air conditioning with heap filters.. The autoclave rooms are attached to the operation theatres for sterilization of instruments and linen. There are change rooms attached to the operation theatre for changing dresses for the doctors and staff. The facility for biochemical examination of the preoperative patients like blood sugar and urine microscopic can be done in house.
Cornea foundation also extends education and services in Gujarat state, India and other countries for training of ophthalmologists. In house training is imparted. There is an accommodation facility for trainees.
ICRLE trust helps non affording needy patients,   extends services to the patients in the other areas of Gujarat and out side India in collaboration with rotary and other philanthropic organizations.