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Computer Vision Syndrome


Computer vision syndrome is a serious problem for the millions of people who spend hours in front of a computer every day. Aside from the physical discomfort you may experience from symptoms, computer vision syndrome can have a lasting effect on your vision. There are several preventative steps that you should take if you frequently use a computer.
Instead of using your regular eyeglasses for computer work, you may need computer glasses for mid-range vision enhancement. In addition, the lighting around your desk area may need to be adjusted to keep you from squinting. These are simple fixes that will make you much happier.
What Are Some Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome?
If someone spends more than two hours each day in front of a computer screen they will likely experience computer vision syndrome (CVS) to some degree. Symptoms include:
Burning or tired eyes
Double or blurred vision
Eye twitching
Loss of focus
Neck and shoulder pains
Who Is Affected by CVS?
More than 143 million Americans work on a computer each day, with an estimated 88% of them suffering from computer eye strain. Additionally, almost 54 million children work on a computer at home or in school every day.
What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?
CVS is caused by our eyes and brain reacting differently to characters on the screen than they do to printed characters. Characters on a computer screen lack the contrast or well-defined edges that printed characters have. Because the color intensity of digital characters diminishes around the edges, it is difficult for eyes to remain focused. Having to continually refocus on digital text fatigues the eyes and can lead to burning or tired eyes.
How can I relieve eye stress from looking at computers all day?
There are a few options available to relieve accumulated eye strain. Try to focus on a far away object about every 15 minutes when working on the computer. Keep your monitor at the correct height and distance at your work station. You can also adjust the montior's contrast and the room's lighting to suit your needs. More information on this subject can be found here.
Can I still use computers if I've been diagnosed with low vision?
You will likely require low vision aids in order to continue using a computer. Generally, the same low vision magnifiers you use for regular reading activities can help when viewing a computer screen. When deciding which low vision aid is best for you, consider the activities you perform on a regular basis including computer use.
Computer vision syndrome can be a serious problem; however, by following the tips and advice on this site, you should be able to alleviate many of the symptoms.