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    • A CME was organised incolobauration with Vision 2020 ,  on OPeration theatre Management  on 23rd  June , 2013.

    • Mini sceral contact lenses are now included in regular sevices  at Cornea foundation.

    • Intacs for Keratoconus are started.

    • Special treatment for dry patients 




Eye Flu or acute conjunctivitis is caused by viral and bacterial infection, spread by touch, whether direct or indirect. The infection usually spreads during monsoon and the symptoms are redness of the eye, discharge, itching and watering, Conjunctivitis is highly contagious
People who wear contact lenses are at greater risk of contracting allergies and are more prone to viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. The best precaution one can take is to stop using lenses immediately at any sign of redness in the eyes.
Although Conjunctivitis is not a serious condition but in more serious cases drops containing anti-viral drug is prescribed. The symptoms usually clear in 2-3 weeks time.
Self-medication can be dangerous those suffering from eye flu should avoid buying eye- drops over- the counter because steroid- based eye drops are " extremely harmful" and can even cause sight threatening complication like corneal blindness.
Advice :
1.Do not share towels, handkerchiefs, linen, pillows, sunglasses, etc.
2.Avoid shaking hands 
3.Avoid self medication & steroid drops.Consult your Eye doctor and use medicines under his supervision
4.Avoid Contact lenses
5.Money Currency notes can be source of infection. Wash hands after touching notes
6.Wearing sunglasses does not prevent spread of conjunctivitis but may provide comfort because bright light hurts the infected eye.
7.Avoid going to office or school to avoid spreading 
8.Wash hands frequently with hand sanitizer or soap. Hand hygiene is the most important precaution to be taken.