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    • A CME was organised incolobauration with Vision 2020 ,  on OPeration theatre Management  on 23rd  June , 2013.

    • Mini sceral contact lenses are now included in regular sevices  at Cornea foundation.

    • Intacs for Keratoconus are started.

    • Special treatment for dry patients 


Darshini Eye Bank

What is Eye Donation?


Donating eyes after death is eye donation. Eye donation means people pledging to donate their eyes after death to be used for corneal grafting for restoring sight to corneal blind people.


Who can donate eyes?


Eye donors could be of any age group or sex. 

People who use spectacles-diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, asthma patients and those without communicable diseases can donate eyes.


When does the donation take place?


The surgical removal of the eye tissue is performed soon after the time of death, ensuring the tissue is in the best possible condition for transplant. This also makes sure that the funeral arrangements are not delayed in any way. Because the removal causes no disfiguration, an open casket is still an option for the donor family.


How can I donate my eyes?


There are two very important steps you must take to become a donor. First, sign a pledge form and carry it with you. Second, TALK TO YOUR FAMILY. Let your family members know that you want to bring light to someone\'s dark world when you leave this world. Unless your donor card is available at the time of death, your next of kin will be responsible for granting consent. It can be a difficult decision for them if your wishes are not known. Having a discussion about donation with your family is the first step in the effort to restore sight and save lives.