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Catract , Phaco and Foldable Lens Implant


Cataracts are a common cause of vision impairment in adults 55 and over. If left untreated, they can interfere with simple tasks such as reading and driving. But today, out-patient surgery offers a safe and effective option for treating cataracts. With the introduction of small incision surgery and foldable lenses, patients can expect to recover and enjoy clearer vision more quickly than ever before.
What is a cataract?
Normally, the lens focuses light on the retina in the back of the eye to produce a clear image. But with a cataract, the lens gradually clouds over and hardens. Like steam covering a window, the cataract blocks light from reaching the retina and obstructs vision. As a result, the patient sees a hazy or blurred image.
What is phaco?
phaco or “Phacoemulsification” is a surgical technique which dissolves the cataract, through a tiny incision, using high-frequency ultrasound waves. A thin probe introduced through the incision focuses ultrasound waves on the cataract, gently breaking (or emulsifying) it into many pieces. The pieces are then removed through the tip of the probe.
Where traditional cataract surgery requires an incision that spans a third of the cornea’s circumference and needs as many as eight stitches to close, this small self-sealing incision technique can be performed through an opening less than 1/6 of an inch wide.
Foldable Lens Implants
These new lenses are made of a flexible material which allows them to be folded. The folded lens implant is small enough to fit through the tiny phaco incision. The incision is so small that it usually does not require any stitches. The natural pressure inside the eye holds the incision closed which the eye heals.
What are the advantages of small incision surgery with foldable lens implants?
Small incision surgery with foldable lenses not only speeds the healing and recovery process, but also reduces the risk of possible complications. In traditional surgery, if the sutures are tied too tightly, the patient my be left with astigmatism or distorted vision. Vision will often remain blurred until natural healing corrects the astigmatism or until the sutures are removed.
On the other hand, if the sutures are tied too loosely, the incision may leak or rupture. With a small incision that does not require sutures, there is no risk of leakage or rupture.